• Plant Based Seasonal Soap - Autumn

    A nice robust, dark scrub soap with star anise, cinnamon and hamamelis bark, fennel, and orange!
    Status: Available immediately
    Manufacturer: Werfzeep
    Code: 91836

    This season soap autumn is a nice robust, dark scrub soap with star anise, cinnamon and hamamelis bark, fennel, and orange. The activated charcoal gives a beautiful color and has a soft, extra cleaning effect.

    Ingredients: coconut, olive, cocoa butter, sunflower, water, castor oil, sea buckthorn oil, cedar, orange, turmeric, coriander seed, ginger, lemongrass, black pepper, carrot seed, cloves, comfrey, madder, sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, aqua, sodium cocoa butterate, sodium sunflowerate, ricinus communis oil, aroma, hippophae rhamnoides seed oil, symphytum officinale root extract, rubia tinctorum root extract, limonene, linalool, citral, eugenol, geraniol, and the essential oil of star anise, cinnamon, fennel and orange.

    * of certified organic origin; + wild picking; ♢ organic essential oils: cedar, lavender and cistus; ^ natural constituent of essential oils.

    All Organic
    High-quality ingredients produce high-quality soap; most of the ingredients used in the soaps from Werfzeep are actually edible. By using such excellent raw materials they are adding something new to the market, something that is truly good for you as a customer.

    ✔ Plant-based soap - High-quality vegetable-based, organic, food-grade oils - even the essential oils are food-grade.
    ✔ Palm oil-free - Never work with palm oil, animal fats or irritants such as perfume oil, dyes or foam improvers.
    ✔ Organic & handmade - Each batch of soap first sits for 24 hours before being cut into 150 bars. After that, the soap is left to cure for several weeks in drying cabinets.

    Country of production: Netherlands
    Content: 100 g

    Werfzeep is an organic soap company based in Utrecht in the Netherlands. They create blissfully mild, caring soaps, packed with nutritious oils and naturally occurring glycerin. All soaps are plant-based (in our opinion essential in the creation of good quality soap), organic and handcrafted with love in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Werfzeep soaps are made with sensitive skin in mind and are therefore suitable for us all.

    "We’re happy to be able to contribute to the world in our own small way by creating a product that is good for everyone. By making soap in a traditional way we avoid the use of chemicals, meaning our soap is both good for your skin and the producers of its ingredients based around the world. We’d know we’d love to find Werfzeep soap on our own bathroom shelf and we’re proud to be able to make soaps that don’t compromise on quality."

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