• Disana Organic Cotton Muslin Nappy 80x80cm

    An essential everyday baby basic!
    Manufacturer: Disana
    Code: 1132
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    • A classic nappy, 80 x 80 cm, woven from fine organic cotton. No other fabric has accompanied people across so many thousands of years as the muslin nappy. There are doubtless dozens of different techniques for folding a child’s nappy using this cloth. Every mother has her own special knack and tricks. Its simple shape means it is especially good to wash and dries very quickly on the line. But our muslin cloth is not only great as a nappy, it is practically a must as a highly absorbent liner for knitted nappies and nappy pants. And as a burp cloth, a mat, a flannel or just a toy.

      Country of production: Germany
      Fabric: 100% organic cotton
      Certifications: IVN Best, Ecocert Greenlife
      Available sizes: 80x 80 cm

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