• FRIGG Fairytale X H.C. Andersen Latex Pacifier - The Ugly Duckling

    With natural rubber nipple and available in two sizes for 0-6 months and 6-18 month!
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    Manufacturer: FRIGG
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    • Size 1 (0-6 months)
    • Size 2 (6-18 months)

    FRIGG Fairytale is a pacifier inspired by the work of the Danish author H. C. Andersen. He is best known for his fantastic fairytales, but his creative mind did not only show through his words; it also showed through his magical paper cuttings.

    FRIGG Fairytale with scalloped edges and hearts surrounding the shield mimic one specific paper cutting by H. C. Andersen. The 8 little hearts support the universality of his creative work, and they symbolize love, the universal language of the world. This is the inspiration that lies within the FRIGG Fairytale pacifiers: They are approachable for everyone because love is a language, everyone can speak and understand.

    Each FRIGG Fairytale pacifier color is named by his well-known fairytales, which give the pacifiers a touch of imagination.

    Like all pacifiers, FRIGG pacifiers should be sterilized in boiled water before the first use.

    Available in natural rubber nipple, and in two sizes for 0-6 months and 6-18 months.

    FRIGG mission is to create safe, elegantly designed essentials that promote health and wellness for babies. 100% made in Denmark, FRIGG is for everyone who wants the best for their baby. FRIGG provide parents with unparalelled quality where form and function live in harmony. Crafted with safety and beauty while always promoting health and wellness for babies. 100 % free from BPA, PVC and phthalates! 

    Size 1 = 0-6 months
    Size 2 = 6-18 months

    How to clean: Before each use, the FRIGG pacifier should be sterilized briefly by pouring boiling water over it. Before using the pacifier for the first time, soak it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Since it has a ventilated nipple, liquid will enter the pacifier. When the pacifier has cooled, the water is pushed out of the nipple to ensure hygiene.

    How to store: FRIGG pacifiers must always be kept dry and protected from dirt, for example, in a cupboard or pacifier box. Do not leave the pacifier in direct sunlight or expose the FRIGG to heat as this can weaken the natural latex it's made of. Therefore, do not leave your FRIGG in a disinfectant, sterilizing liquid, which can affect the durability of the pacifier.

    When to replace: Replace the pacifier at the first sight of damage. Do not use FRIGG pacifiers longer than 4-6 weeks for safety hence to the erosion of the natural rubber and hygienic reasons.

    What to know: The teat is made of natural rubber, which can occasionally lead to an allergic reaction.

    Country of production: Denmark
    Material: teat: 100% latex/natural rubber, shielding: polypropylene (PP)
    Shape: natural (rounded)
    Certifications: complies with the European standard: EN 1400 + A2
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