• Disana Boiled Wool Trousers - Grey

    Resistant to dirt, resistant to moisture!
    Manufacturer: Disana
    Code: 333010110
    Select size:
    • 74/80 (58.50 €)
    • 86/92 (68.50 €)
    • 98/104 (68.50 €)
    • 110/116 (78.50 €)
    The disana trousers against wind and cold weather are as durable as denim pants. These boiled wool trousers are designed to be warm and sturdy, yet lovely and soft. Cut especially high at the waist, they keep your child’s back and tummy warm and cosy. The wide cut leaves plenty of space for a nappy and warm clothing underneath. Two knitted braces ensure that everything stays in place. With their reinforced knees, these boiled wool trousers are especially good for crawling tots.

    Advise: Ideal with a wool/silk base layer underneath.
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    Size: 74/80 86/92 98/104 110/116
    A 23 cm 25 cm 28 cm 30 cm
    B 59 cm 76 cm 79 cm 86 cm
    C 39 cm 43 cm 46 cm 51 cm

    Country of production: Germany
    Fabric: 100% merino wool
    Fit: regular
    Certifications: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

    Wash & care instructions: hand wash 30ºC
    Merino wool is lightweight, durable and easy to maintain.The lanolin contained in wool protects the fabric from dirt and harsh environments. If your wool article does get dirty, you can shake or brush the dirt out very carefully. If the wool starts to smell unpleasant, just leave the article out overnight to air out, or in the bathroom while you shower (the humidity from the shower will help foul smells to disappear and will smooth out wrinkles). If you do need to wash boiled wool, just wash by hand in tepid water using a mild wool wash. Do not wring, squeeze, or rub wool. Lay flat to dry.

    Available sizes: 74/80, 86/92, 98/104, 110/116
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