• Naturkind Eko Bērnu Rati IDA

    The sustainable classic stroller made from ecologically clean materials GOTS!
    Statuss: Delivery time approx. 6-8 weeks
    Kods: NaturkindIDA
    Naturkind Ratu Komplektācija:
    • Standarta komplektācija (rāmis ar sēžamo aukšdaļu) (989.00 €)
    • + Mīkstā Kulba (+259.00 €)
    • + Cietā Kulba (+359.00 €)
    • + Cietā Kulba Braided (+579.00 €)
    Naturkind Ratu Model:
    • Siebenschläfer
    • Erdmännchen
    • Kornblume
    • Panther
    • Jade
    • Terracotta
    • Sand
    • Tulum
    • Vergissmeinnicht

    • Beautifully shaped and sophisticated in its technology, the NEW NATURKIND model IDA is a reliable companion for everyday family life.

      A unique sustainable classic stroller made from ecologically clean materials GOTS!

      Available for you in 4 basic set-up variants

      1. Seat unit (Buggy) from approx. 6 months of age and your baby can sit up straight. Price: 989.00
      2. Seat unit + Soft Baby Carrycot (from birth). Price: 1248.00
      3. Seat unit + Hardcover Baby Basket (from birth). Price: 1348.00
      4. Seat unit + Hardcover Braided Baby Basket (from birth). Price: 1568.00

      All additional accessories (footmuff, diaperbag etc.) are available in your preferred design variant color and can be ordered seperate.

      All details of Naturkind IDA at a glance
      stylish vintage transferred into today
      narrow lines & timeless aesthetics
      can be used with hard or soft carrycot from birth onwards
      available in 9 design variants (Siebenschläfer = light grey, Erdmännchen = dark grey, Kornblume = dark blue, Panther = black, Jade, Terracotta, Sand, Tulum, Vergissmeinnicht)
      woven baby basket made of peddig cane as design variant
      steering angle of the large front wheels
      14 inch Solight Ecco tyres
      Approved up to 22 kg body weight

      Thanks to a steering angle of the front wheels (Steerable front wheels),Naturkind IDA is considerably more manoeuvrable than other classical prams. The model is thus an all-rounder and is equally suitable for town and country use.

      Download the Full IDA information sheet including colors >> here <<

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      Ekobebe - oficiāls Naturkind produkcijas izplatītājs kopš 2008. gada
      +371 29222728
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