• Merino Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle

    This natural lambskin hot water bottle provide cozy warmth!
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    Product information "Merino Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle"

    This natural lambskin hot water bottle provide cozy warmth.

    Defy cold weather - get cuddly warmth in your home! Our soft lambskin hot-water bottles keep you wonderfully warm and also feel woolly and soft. Fantastic!

    You feel cold and a blanket alone does not provide enough warmth? Then our hot water bottles with cuddly lambskin are just right for you!

    Lambskin Hot Water Bottles - Differences to standard hot water bottles

    Sheets made of lambskin are different than standard hot water bottles. Because the lambskin not only makes the bottle warm, but also soft and cuddly. In addition, lambskin has the property of storing heat. The lambskin hot water bottle keeps you warm longer!

    Neither too hot nor too cold: lambskin hot water bottles

    In addition to the long heat storage, the lambskin has another advantage: it regulates the temperature. While commercial hot water bottles have to cool down a bit, you can use the lambskin hot water bottle immediately after filling. Because the lambskin ensures that the hot water bottle never feels too hot.

    Easy care of the lambskin cover

    The lambskin cover of the hot water bottle is easy to care for. Lambskin is machine washable up to 30 ° Celsius. However, avoid drying in the tumble dryer, on the heater or in direct sunlight. Just hang up, ready!

    Mesurements: 33 x 29 cm (2 liters)

    Country of production: Germany
    Fabric: lambskin, rubber
    Wash & care instructions: hand wash 30°C
    Certifications: TUV
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