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    Great for encouraging sensory development!
    Ražotājs: Goki
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    This game develops motor skills, concentration, memory and the recognition of the sounds. The aim of the game is to find the pairs of the same sound. Great for school, home and birthday parties.

    The Game
    The game is suitable for children aged 3 years till 8 years and promotes motor skills, memory and the identification of sounds.

    Objective of the game
    The objective of the game is to find pairs of triangles with the same sound.

    The triangular blocks are all placed face down on the table and thoroughly shuffled.

    The rules
    The youngest player begins by picking up a sound block, face down, and shaking it in his or her hand. Then you can pick up another sound block, face down, and listen. You think that the sounds of the two blocks are different? Then put both blocks back in the positions where you picked them up. Do both blocks seem to sound the same? Then you can turn them both over. Are the clefs the same color? Then your assumption was correct. Both sounds now belong to you and you can lay them face up in front of you. Now you can go again. Maybe you will be able to find two more identical sounds.The clefs are different colors? Then unfortunately your assumption was wrong. Both sound blocks must be put back on the table, face down, and it is the next player‘s turn to try his or her luck. But for your next turn, you should memorize which sounds you already had in your hand. This will make it much easier to find two blocks with the same sound next time.

    End of the game
    The game or a round of the game is over when all the sound blocks are lying face up on the table in front of the players. The player who has found the most sound pairs is the winner.We hope you have lots of fun playing and a good ear for different sounds.

    Game variants
    You can agree with the other players that non-matching sounds are put back on the table face up. Then it is naturally much easier to find two identical sounds.

    Information for your parents
    It is important for everyday life to develop a feeling for different sounds and tones. In our everyday lives we orientate ourselves much more to acoustic signals than most of us are aware of. At street junctions we can distinguish how far away an approaching vehicle may be. A mother can recognize from the sound of her child‘s voice where it is and whether the child is experiencing fear or pleasure. Children learn to gain a feeling for sounds and tones by playing. However, the game also fosters the memorizing and matching of identical tones and sounds.

    All Goki products are designed in Germany and manufactured according to strict quality and safety standards, which meet European requirements (CE certified).

    Manufacturer: Germany
    Material: Wood
    Measurement: 6.7 x 6.7 x 5.8 cm
    The game consists of: 12 triangular blocks with 6 different sounds
    Age: recommended for children 3+ years
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