• Wool Fairy Mobile for the Baby Room - Goethe

    Following the famous color theory of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe!
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    Magical Wool Fairies Mobile (build yourself set) to make for your dearest.

    Intended to attach above the changing table or above the cradle. The carousel offers twelve colorful wool fairies that start to dance at the slightest contact with air / breath and attracts all the attention of your baby. The fine play of the colors of the wool has a cheerful and reassuring aura. That is why the Fairy Mobile is an eye-catcher for every room.

    Blowing gently against the fairies in the arms of mom or dad guarantees cheerful and beautiful moments. Children start to shine seeing the dancing figures.

    The specific colors of the wool Fairies have been selected in the writings of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, following the famous color theory. The wool is dyed with pure vegetable raw materials.

    Important: The Fairy Mobile is delicate and only suitable for viewing. It is not a toy for children and should not be given in the hand of children. So ensure that the Fairy Mobile is installed out of the reach of children.

    Be enchanted by this beautiful Fairies Mobile!

    The set includes: 12 colours bioland sheep's wool, wooden ring. The only thing you need is a needle, thread and scissors.

    Country of production: Germany
    Material: bioland wool, wood
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