• Solar System in Marbles

    Great for kids who love the universe!
    Status: In stock
    Manufacturer: Juegoconmigo
    Code: GL1001

    Solar System in Marbles is a very original game of marbles where each marble represents a planet. In addition to the classic game of marbles with this set you can play: order according to size, place the planets relative to the sun and separate them from each other to create your own scale solar system.

    Scan the QR code on the packaging and discover muliple game variations. The measurements of the marbles do not keep the real proportion of the planets but they serve to manipulate them and get an idea of their differences.

    The set includes10 marbles in various sizes and a template
    The sun 42 mm
    The earth 16 mm
    Mercury 14 mm
    Jupiter 35 mm
    Venus 16 mm
    Mars 15 mm
    Uranus 22 mm
    Saturn 25 mm
    Pluto 12 mm
    Neptune 22 mm

    Recommended age: 5-6 years

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