• Baby Wing Camisole Wool Silk - Natural

    A real newborn basic!
    Manufacturer: Cosilana
    Code: 7102301
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    • 50/56 (15.99 €)
    • 62/68 (16.99 €)

    Cozy warm and soft wing shirt in natural for newborn babies. Is closed on the back so that it does not have to go over the still vulnerable head. This wing shirt is made from a combination of 70% merino wool and 30% mulberry silk. This combination combines all the good qualities of the two substances. Wool provides pleasant warmth, is dirt and water repellent and antibacterial due to the natural lanolin content. The silk also provides skin-friendly and soothing softness.

    Ideal in combination with our wool / silk baby pants with or without wrap and our anthroposophic baby caps.

    Country of production: Germany
    Fabric: 70% organic merino wool 30% organic silk (elastic fabric)
    Fit: regular
    Certifications: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

    Wash & care instructions: hand wash 30°C using wool detergent
    To wash and treat wool/silk garments is not difficult. Actually you don’t need to wash these garments often at all. Wool naturally repels dirt and water and is antibacterial because of the lanolin that it contains. Important is that you have to avoid temperature fluctuations of the water while washing and rinsing. This is to prevent shrinkage and fouling. If you consider these points you will have long lasting pleasure with these beloved wool and wool/silk garments.

    Available sizes: 50/56, 62/68
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