• Sheepskin Mattress Baby Stroller Patchwork - Beige

    Made from pieces sheepkin Patchwork!
    Manufacturer: Heitmann
    Code: 1569

    • Soft and warm universal lambskin insert suitable for in the baby cot and strollers. Cuts for belts/straps are present. This sheepskin liner is attached to a cotton cloth for extra absorption of perspiration moisture .

      Safety! If your baby wants to sleep on his / her belly? Than DO NOT use a lambskin in the crib, but only put it in the box or pram and ensure that your baby remains under supervision. For babies up to 12 months of age who sleep on their tummy, sleeping on a soft surface is NOT recommended. Hint: Put your sheepskin under a cotton fitted sheet.

      Country of production: Germany
      Material: 100% real lambskin (patchwork)
      Size: 74 x 35 cm
      Wool length: 30 mm
      Wash & care instructions: hand wash 30°C

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