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    Double-sided facial roller with 2x jade natural stone from the Far East! This original and trendy roller is a nice asset to your skin care.

    Jade Roller
    The jade roller is an all-in-one product because it works on so many aspects of your skin. It works against acne, headaches, stress, fatigue, wrinkles, puffiness and also increases the blood circulation of the skin making it soft and supple.

    The jade natural mineral stone has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and skin care. In recent years, the technology has spread to the west, where it has also proven its value. The stone is shaped by hand to the correct smooth shape for optimal results. Because the roller is handmade, the color can vary from light green to dark green.

    Pay attention
    The head of the jade roller can be easily removed and replaced to wash it for optimal hygiene!

     Reduces dark circles around the eyes
     Extremely relaxing
     Stimulates blood flow and oxegen for a natural glow
     Improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles on face
     Helps absorb creams, oils and serums for better results
     Practical and compact to take anywhere

    Ražotājvalsts: Ķīnas Tautas Republika
    Sastāvs: dabīgs nefrīts (minerāls)
    Krāsa: zaļa
    Izmēri (garums): 15,5 cm
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