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    Sisal soap bags VEGAN and plastic free Durable bathroom accessory for your spa experience at home. Sisal or sisal fiber is a purely vegetable product and is obtained from the sisal agave. Sisal has become one of the most important fiber crops in the world for the sustainable production of handmade products. Naturally, this "material" is biodegradable and a pure natural product.
    A sisal soap bag is a perfect addition to showering and bathing with any of our natural soaps in this bag.
    The advantages:
    - A bar of soap in the bag and you have a better grip in the hand
    - The soap dries better by means of a string to hang
    - Massages and exfoliates the skin in one go.
    - May have increased foaming

    How to use: Fill the soap bag very easily with a bar of soap, foam with soap and water into the body just like with a classic sponge. The sisal soap bag is a soap net that prevents the soap from slipping out of your hand. After use, you can simply hang the product in the shower or bath to dry and drain.

    TIP: Also ingenious and very practical for soap leftovers. Soap scraps and bars of soap can be collected in the soap net and can be used up to the last bit - waste free.

    Ražotājvalsts: Vācija
    Sastāvs: sizāla šķiedras, koks, kokvilna
    Izmērs: aptuveni 13 cm x 11,5 cm
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